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I'm So Hungry I Could... Sing About It!

In fact I might just sing about it Twice! by Tby Tomato. Don't listen to this song while you're hungry because it'll...

10 Korean Snacks For First Time Korean Snackers

So many Korean snacks! I want to try them all! by CarinneJ If you're a novice Korean snacker and need a nudge in the...

Why Korean Chopsticks are Metal, and No Other Culture's Are

Korean chopsticks are metal--to help you eat on and rock on! by Cari Kamja  Chopsticks of every unique Asian culture...

SnackFever Team's Top Picks

The SnackFever team has always been surrounded by amazing Korean foods and snacks; is it even possible to pick a favo...

Classic Korean Icy Treats to Stay Cool

With Korean summers being extremely hot and humid, children and adults alike often reach towards ice cream bars to co...

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